Euro Boat – Fiber Boat Building

Euro Boat was established in Istanbul in 2002 as a result of the experience and know-how since 1981. Since the day it was founded, it has built many fiber boats and has sold many motor yachts, recreational boats, and fishing boats both in Turkey and abroad.

With its distinguished and experienced staff, it has exported to countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Libya, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, and Israel, as well as the domestic market. Currently, many fiber boat orders are received from abroad and the production of these incoming orders continues.

Our company, which designs all-fiber boat models with unique designs, also produces high-quality fiber boats. With its fiber paint, furniture, stainless steel, and upholstery workshops, our company produces motor yachts, recreational boats, fishing boats, cabin boats, and dinghies from A to Z.