Length Overall8,50 m
Beam2,85 m
Hull Length6,95 m
Draft0.54 m
Dry Weight3000 kg
Weight (With 1 Motor)3700 kg
Min. Motor Capacity200 hp
Max. Motor Capacity350 hp
Motor TypeAQ. Stern Drive
Max. Speed45 mph
Personnel Capacity8
Sleeping Capacity6+2
Fuel Capacity280 lt
Clean Water Tank180 lt
Sewage Tank60 lt



  • Water filling lid (NiCr)
  • Fuel Tank 280lt
  • Fuel filling cap (NiCr)
  • Sewage tank (fiberglass) 60lt
  • Compass (gömme ışıklı)
  • Command console
  • Command seat
  • Rear pool sink faucet
  • Freezer compartment in the back pool
  • Rear seating group and recline cushions (vinyl)
  • Rear resting section
  • Rollbar (fiberglass)
  • Pool dining table (Fiberglass)
  • Shower installment at the rear pool
  • WC Cabin, electric WC, sink and shower installation
  • Kitchen sink, tap, hydrophore, single heater, drawers, and shelves
  • Refrigerator (50lt) 12V Elektromarla
  • Rear Cabin (double bed)
  • In-cabin sitting and reclining cushions (Cloth or Vinyl)
  • Dining table in the cabin (fiberglass)
  • Middle cushion inside the bedroom of the cabin
  • Interior ceiling covering (Fiberglass)
  • Edge handrail rubber (Plastic)
  • Water tank 180lt (fiberglass)
  • Head reel (NiCr)
  • Electric vertical capstan (600W-900W)
  • Ram’s horn (NiCr) 4 pcs
  • Chock (NiCr) 2 pcs
  • “U” Eyebolt (NiCr) 3 pcs
  • Front handrail (NiCr)
  • Rear handrail (NiCr)
  • Hatch 450 mm
  • Cabin lighting glass (plexiglass) right & left
  • Hard Top front and side shields (fiberglass framed)
  • Stairs (NiCr)
  • Chain bin at the head and the rope section
  • Seating group in the head cabin (double bed)
  • Sunroof (manual)


Port starboard lamps, illuminated flagpole, horn, switch panel, cabin interior lighting, toilet section lighting, rear cabin lighting, hard top lighting, aft pool lighting, backrest lower lighting, cigarette lighter, bilge pump, 220V beach power outlet, blower (engine room ventilation fan), remote-controlled projector, sewage pump, automatic shower water drainage pump


Pop-up porthole, stereo and installation, Bimini (Sunshade Awning), Winter Tarpaulin, Ekosaunder, VHF Radio, GPS, Radar, Air Conditioner, Radiator, Davit, Gangway, Generator, Solar Energy, Switch and Accumulator r (2 pcs), Motor and Motor accessories.